Gayatri Shiksha Niketan

Rules & Regulations

Follow these rules

1. Unauthorized late coming shall not be permitted.
2. Absence should be regularized by leave application in proper form (i.e in Absence column of the diary) signed by parents or authorized guardian.
3. Children are required to attend minimum 75% of their classes, otherwise they may not be allowed to appear at the Annual Examination.
4. Children have to attend School in neat and clean prescribed uniform. Children coming to school without uniform will be allowed sit in the class.
5. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles to school i.e costly watches, ornaments etc.
6. No students is allowed to go home during school hours without the permission of the principal/class teacher.
7. With the ringing of the warning bell the children are to assemble in the field to join the prayer and after the prayer all will walk in silence to their respective classes in orderly manner.
8. Students should try their best to keep the whole school clean. Water paper is to be thrown into the waste paper basket.
9. A students who has damaged school property hasto make good the damage. He/She may be punished separately.
10. Silence is to be kept inside the classroom.
11. Any student willing to put a question should raise his/her right hand and he/she is wait till he/she is given sign to speak by the teacher.
12. A student's performance inall tests and examination shall count for his/her promotion & gradation. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.
13. The terminal reports are to be counter signed by the parents/authorized guardian and returned to school authorities within the prescribed limit.
14.Every students should compulsorily bring his/her School Diary to the school and make necessary use of it daily.
15. Diary and progress card should be submitted to the parents and teacher to give timely information of the progress, the deficiencies and remedial measures.
16. Students suffering froma contagious or infectious disease should not attend the class with the permission of the Principal.
17. Non adherence to the general discipline of the school prolonged absence without special permission form more than 15 days shall render wven withdrawal from the roll.
18. No student will be allowed to go home during the school hours unless his/her guardian comes personally to fetch his/her ward.
19. Students will not rush out of the class after final bell goes. they will wait for the teacher, who will bring them out.
20. All students are expected to observe all the rules of good conduct on the various/streets while coming to or returning from school.



There is a hard core of common discipline necessary for the smooth running of a school.
Punctuality, neatness, uniformity of dress, courtesy consideration for other and a co-operative spirit are insisted upon.
Boys/Girls/School Staffs whose conduct is deter mental to the school are liable to heavy punishment of expulsion from the school.

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